At the heart of our video production is our Galactus, Atlas and Octron HD Video Production systems. We've engineered these mobile units to roll into any venue and deliver broadcast-quality production to fit both large and small budgets. 

Galactus HD

  • 22 Input Broadcast Pix Granite Switcher/Server with Control Surface & Monitors
  • 1x JVC GY-HM850U ProHD Camera with 20x wide-angle lens*
  • 2x JVC GY-HM790U ProHD Cameras*  
  • 3x Vinten Tripods/Heads
  • Multi-Core Camera Cables
  • PortaCom COM-60 FC Intercom System
  • KiPro Rack HD Video Recorder
  • BMD Hyperdeck Studio HD Video Recorder
  • JVC 20″ Verite Series Studio Monitor
  • Allen and Heath QuPacX digital audio console
  • RK5 Audio Monitors
  • Teradek Vidiu Streaming Encoder

* additional cameras or camera upgrades available upon request


Octron HD

  • 8 Input Broadcast Pix Switcher/Server with Control Surface & Monitors
  • 3x Sony PMW-EX3 Cameras*
  • 3x Shotoku SP60 Tripod
  • Multi-Core Camera Cables
  • Telex Wired Intercom System
  • 2x KiPro Video Recorders
  • HD-SDI Studio Monitor
  • 24 Channel Yamaha O1V Audio Mixer
  • RK5 Audio Monitors
  • Video Streaming Encoder

* additional cameras or camera upgrades available upon request


Atlas HD

  • TriCaster 855 with Control Surface & Monitors
  • TriCaster 850 TW DDR Control Surface
  • 1x PMW-300 Camcorder with Camera Case
  • 2x PMW-EX3 Camcorders with Camera Cases
  • 1x PMW-EX1 Camcorder with Camera Case
  • 1x HXRNX5U Camera with Camera Case
  • 3x Secced Reach Plus 3 Tripod Kits
  • Multi-Core Camera Cables
  • Sony LMD2450 HD-SDI Confidence Monitor
  • KiPro Rack HD Recorder with Media
  • 24 Input Audio Mixer
  • AVID MA-BX5-D2 Bi-Amp Studio Monitors
  • Anchor Audio COM-60FC/C 6 Person Wired Intercom System

* additional cameras or camera upgrades available upon request


LED Screens

Our high-resolution LED screens and panels have a wide array of configurations for indoor and outdoor use. They look great in any lighting conditions.


Wireless Camera Systems

  • Teradek Bolt 2000 Pro wireless HD video TX/RX
  • 2x IDX CW-3 wireless HD video TX/RX


Steadicam System

  •  Zephyr Hi-Def Camera Stabilization System
  • Floats 25 lbs down to 9 lbs
  • HD sled with HD monitor
  • Low mode bracket for low angle shooting
  • V-Mount battery mount with 12/24 volt batteries


Chyron Graffiti Graphics System

Together with our custom leaderboard generation software, Chyron Graffiti provides a live scoring solution that delivers fast, accurate leaderboard results that look amazing on the big screen.

  • one of the most powerful graphics systems on the market
  • allows custom graphics integration for your brand's specific look
  • used in sporting events around the world for high-end graphics


NewTek 3Play Replay System with Controller

  • 4 simultaneous video inputs: any combination of HD-SDI, HD component, SD-SDI, SD component, composite, or Y/C (BNC)
  • 2 fully independent video outputs (simultaneous play-out channels)
  • Video Formats: 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i
  • Monitors
  • 4x HD-SDI DAs


Edit Suites

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Studio Network Solutions 8-Bay EVO Server



We have a range of lighting and grip equipment for production in our studios and on location.


Production Trailers

Our production trailers have been custom built as mobile control centres, allowing us to produce live video nearly anywhere. 



Our studios in Lethbridge, AB are available for TV shows, interviews and broadcast productions. 



We have developed partnerships with other production companies to provide our clients with a complete range of quality gear.

  • sound, lighting & projection equipment for shows of any size
  • additional modular LED screens
  • additional cameras, jibs & drones