LED screen rentals for indoor + outdoor events

P8.925 LED Video Display Panels - Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor Installation - We provide custom rental solutions for indoor and outdoor venues with our extensive inventory of modular LED panels. 

Custom Sizes & Configurations - Whether you need a giant stadium display, indoor screens for creative elements, LED ribbon banners and leaderboards, or video displays for advertising, we'll tailor an LED screen solution to fit your venue.

Suitable For All Weather Conditions - Our screens are completely sealed from dust and moisture with an IP67 rating and protected from wind interference by perforated blow-through technology.

Low Power Consumption - Low current panels with auto-adjusting brightness and PFC power supply minimize energy costs.

Ideal Brightness & Grayscale - The 14Bit-16Bit grayscale looks sharp in all types of lighting conditions.

Lightweight - Constructed from die-cast aluminum, each panel weighs only 13kg.

Noiseless  - Silent panels, no fan required.

Seamless Connection - High precision CNC procession and aluminum die-cast technology provide seamless assembly up to ± 5 mm.

Ghost Canceling - Crystal clear picture quality with no ghost image artifacts.

High Refresh Rate - Refresh rate of over 1880Hz ensures a stable picture without wrinkles or lines.

Wide Angle Viewing - Horizontal 130° / Vertical 100°