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LED Screens +

HD Video Production

Get your fans up close to all the rodeo action with HD video production IMAG.

Settle the scores with live leaderboard stats on our configurable LED screens. 

Boost sponsor advertising opportunities with our high profile LED video walls.  


Indoor / Outdoor LED Video Walls

Our modular LED video panels are configurable in multiple sizes for both indoor and outdoor venues. Whether you need giant screens for instant replays and HD video IMAG, LED ribbon banners for clocks and scoreboards, or attention-grabbing video wall advertising, we'll customize an LED screen solution for your event.

HD Video Production + Instant Replays

Our mobile HD Video Production Units and LED screens provide IMAG (image magnification) to get your audience up close with the action. With multiple HD camera angles, instant replays, ultra-smooth slow motion and telestrator capabilities, your rodeo fans won't miss a moment of the energy! Because you can never see too much of a good ride.

Live Graphics + Leaderboards

Our leaderboard system is coded to deliver live scores and rankings for every perf, and it's fully compatible with your FarmTek timing system to track the clock down to the hundredth. Showcase your rodeo's unique brand image on our LED videowalls with custom graphics, logos and name keys. Keep your audience in the know about which rider is up next and who's leading the pack with our integrated clocks and leaderboard stats on the LED screens.

Sponsorship Packages

We can help make your event even more profitable with customizable sponsorship packages that make the most of the advertising opportunities on our LED screens. We'll help your sponsors get more bang for their buck with full-screen video ads, sponsor loops, logo integration, performance highlights and more.

Live Stream + Broadcasting

Take advantage of new revenue opportunities by streaming your event live online. We'll create engaging highlight videos to recap each event so you can share them on social media and your fans can relive the best rodeo moments all over again.